Rhythm Starters Card Pack


The Rhythms Starters Card Pack is a colourful PDF printable to help you get your beginner students excelling in rhythm right from the start of lessons.

Each card includes rhythms and rhythm syllables adapted from the Kodaly rhythm method. 

Learning rhythms using rhythm syllables will fast track your student’s ability to recognise and feel rhythm durations.

Introduce students to rhythm and have fun at the same time with 7 included off-bench activities to try and options for group lessons. 

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Each pack includes:

  • 76 colour double-sided cards
  • two different time signatures (4/4 and 3/4)
  • rhythm durations of quavers (eighth notes), crotchets (quarter notes) and minims (half notes)
  • a handy one-page teacher guide including ALL the rhythms at a glance.

*The Rhythms Starters Card Pack is a downloadable PDF file and requires printing and cutting to make 76 cards


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