Power Play Cards

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Are you ready to stop struggling with resistant or unfocussed students, and start teaching motivated students instead?

Instantly supercharge your student’s engagement, and improve your lesson management at the same time, without arm twisting or bribing with endless incentives.

Put the POWER in your student’s hands with the Power Play Cards. 


“When students feel they have the power to make choices for themselves they are intrinsically motivated.”

Each Power Play Card describes an activity that you might plan for your lesson. 

The secret to success is that you’re giving your student the power of choice, but really, you’re in control!

YOU pick the most important cards that you want your students to work on, but you give your students the power to choose the order, or a selection from a set. 

Never underestimate the importance of power for motivating piano students.

Added Benefits:

  • Gives you insight into what students most enjoy in their lessons so you can tailor your approach
  • Help resistant and unfocussed students by foreshadowing activities – giving them notice
  • Helps lesson management by giving a structured schedule for the lesson.
  • Helps to keep you accountable for covering ALL the activities in the queue instead of vaguely working your way through the lesson on autopilot.

Stimulate the senses and draw students in, creating focus and engagement, with these fun brightly coloured cards.

Each pack includes 20 double-sided, fun and brightly coloured cards.

Activities listed on cards:

  1. Piece A
  2. Piece B
  3. Piece C
  4. Piece D
  5. Performance practice
  6. Sight reading
  7. Technical work
  8. Technique
  9. Rhythm
  10. Aural
  11. Playing by ear
  12. Improvisation
  13. Game
  14. Composition
  15. Lab time
  16. Theory
  17. Lead sheets
  18. History
  19. Ensemble
  20. Brain break

3 reviews for Power Play Cards

  1. Karen B. (verified owner)

    Love , love, love these, especially useful for those with anxiety if they don”g like surprises about what is coming next. Also good to encourage students who struggle to make decisions to start to make them. They are a really great size too and would work for in person and online lessons.

  2. Christine Y.

    This is such a great idea the Power Play Cards! I have a few students who tend to be scattered and easily distracted in the beginning of the lesson (with AHDH characteristics). By using these cards with them, they are much more settled as they know what to expect in the lessons, it helps them to track the sequence of the lessons and also helps them to feel more empowered and in control! Thanks for these!

  3. Lori (verified owner)

    Great idea and even if I have a student who really doesn’t care about lesson order, it’s fun for me as the teacher.

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