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Pattern Palettes – Pattern Piece Creator


Pattern Palettes is a collection of 14  guided improvisation to composition projects to help students create without the need to notate.

Composing music not only builds confidence and self-esteem in students it’s also a lot of fun, but too often students wait until they can read and write musical notation before they start.

With Pattern Palettes students can start composing music from as early as their first few lessons at the piano, without any of this prior knowledge.

Pattern Palettes is a simple framework using basic melodic, rhythmic and structural patterns to help students create their own pattern based improvisations or compositions.

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  • 14 guide improvisation to composition projects
  • Pitch sets
    • Two black key groups
    • Three black key groups
    • All black keys 
    • CDE
    • CDEFG
  • 3/4 and 4/4 rhythm sets
  • Hands separate and hands together
  • Interactive PDF


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