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Landmark Notes Poster Pack


Help your students learn their landmark notes so that they can get off to a great start with their sight reading skills?

The Landmark Notes Posters can be displayed in your studio, or screen shared for online learning, as a visual reminder to help students who struggle to identify their landmark notes. 

Uniquely oriented with a vertical grand stave, and brightly colour coded, students can very easily visualise the patterns that landmark notes make across the stave.

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The landmark posters pack contains 5 posters.

  • Landmark F, G and C
  • Landmark C’s only
  • Landmark F’s and G’s
  • Landmark F’s only
  • Landmark G’s only

When you purchase your digital download you have a studio license to make unlimited copies for all students in your studio for life. This licence is for one teacher ONLY. You may not share this download with other teachers or any student or person not currently enrolled in your studio.


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