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Landmark Landscapes – Flash Cards


Help your students learn their landmark notes so they can get off to a great start with their sight reading skills.

Landmark Landscapes is a set of flash cards that help students to identify their landmark notes on the stave. The cards are oriented with a vertical stave (treble, bass and grand staves), which provides students with a unique perspective of where the notes are presented on the stave.

BONUS: Shareable Google Slides version for online lessons

Landmark Landscapes pairs perfectly with the Landmark Notes Poster Pack and Landmark Match Memory Game.

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Landmark notes in the pack – C, G and F. 

You can separate each landmark note to practice independently or you can create a mixed batch to practice them all. 

There are 27 flash cards in the pack.

  • 11 landmark C notes
  • 8 landmark F notes
  • 8 landmark G notes


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